Most anticipated films of 2014

Last year featured multiple documentaries that challenged the form. It might be the case for original films after looking over the films I’m most interested to see in 2014. Keep in mind, there will be a number of films that come out that just aren’t on anyone’s radar yet, but three months into the year, here’s what I’m most interested in seeing — in no particular order of course. (more…)


April Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day is an 80’s horror movie in the same vain as Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine. Not just in the holiday horror movie mold, but in the look, feel, and creepy soundtrack. Also, April Fool’s Day seems to be the inspiration for Among Friends, with similar characters and a similar story, only April Fool’s Day is an 80’s movie and not a party theme. The thing that stands out the most about April Fool’s Day is you don’t see the kills, just how the killer positions the corpses and body parts.





Almost every time there’s a moment in Serenity where you feel the need to roll your eyes, it manages to pull you right back in. (more…)


L.A. Confidential


L.A. Confidential is a deeply intricate movie, with well-developed characters and a winding plot that covers multiple years in the 1950’s era of Los Angeles. The themes run the gamut from corrupt cops and politicians, to prostitution and organized crime. Fans of noir movies, even more modern films and television shows like Chinatown and Boardwalk Empire, will love L.A. Confidential. All others beware. L.A. Confidential is more about the shadows cast by the bright lights of Hollywood than it is about the neon glow.  (more…)


The Ninth Gate


The Ninth Gate is one of those unheralded and forgotten movies that is quite enjoyable. Labelled, perhaps improperly, as a horror movie, The Ninth Gate is a suspenseful thriller with dark themes and a plot revolving around witches and the devil. (more…)

InsideLlewynDavis poster

Inside Llewyn Davis


On stage, Llewyn Davis is captivating. In the opening shot, the camera pans from a microphone to the almost angelic face of Llewyn (Oscar Issac). His face is alive with feeling in the performance. (more…)

#Nerdout Ash Wednesday

We are excited to announce our next #NerdOut live tweet event! In celebration of Ash Wednesday we will be watching Army of Darkness. Grab your copy and watch with us! Tweet along your commentary and favorite lines from the film and we will retweet the best comments. (more…)




Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and blue moons need not apply. This leprechaun is anything but a cheerful children’s character. The early 90′s horror scene was left with the aftermath of 80s slasher movies and the daunting task of matching their success. (more…)




Riddick is Vin Diesel’s newest installment in the series that started with 2000’s Pitch Black. Theoretically, I should love all these movies, growing up as a huge fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Predator (more…)


The LEGO® Movie


In a world dominated by action figures and race cars, LEGO bricks were the saving grace of the creative mind—dare I say the building blocks? (I should be ashamed of myself for typing that) Countless hours of my childhood revolved around building and imagining with a handful of colorful bricks. (more…)


The Monster Squad


There are some movies that live in the recesses of our childhood, once beloved like a favorite toy, but are now covered in dust, lost over time. We have grown up and forgotten them, but they haven’t forgotten us. (more…)




The brain, specifically memory, has always been an intriguing topic to me. The concept of this biological hard drive we carry around in our heads and its ability to recall and erase information and events is baffling. (more…)




Growing up, I watched many 80′s horror movies that are now considered part of the “slasher genre” of horror. In most of the movies you could tell who would die by their behavior-jerks and, shall we say “flirtatious” girls, were amongst the first to die. (more…)