Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers


Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, is the sixth installment in the franchise, released in 1995. H6 holds a special place in my heart, I was 13 when it was released and this Halloween movie/ horror movie obsession, and The Curse of Michael Myers was the first Halloween movie I saw in theaters. (more…)

poster dawn

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


You get the feeling in the opening sequences of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes that Caesar, leader of the Apes, was a little naive on how challenging it would be to lead a fledgling civilization. (more…)




39 years ago, on June 20th, Jaws was unleashed on the unsuspecting public. Since then, the theme song has become iconic and Roy Scheider’s “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” line has become a catch phrase. (more…)


Blue Ruin


The first 20 or so minutes of Blue Ruin are a little bit bewildering when taking in the context of the rest of the film. The camera follows Dwight (Macon Blair), a homeless man scavenging out of trash cans and sneaking into houses to give himself a bath. (more…)


Odd Thomas


Having read the book, I was excited to see that Odd Thomas was turned into a movie. Odd Thomas is the titular character from the mind of author Dean Koontz, with many intricacies and oddities (more…)




At times throughout Joe, David Gordon Geen’s latest film, it feels like Green may be trying to tackle too much. He has a revitalized Nicolas Cage, an up and coming young actor in Tye Sheridan and a wealth of characters interwoven into the film’s plot to deal with. (more…)


Godzilla (2014)


Our culture has long considered ourselves as thought leaders in the realm of science. As the masters of our own domain we proceed through new discoveries with an unfound arrogance. Godzilla (2014), much as the original did, tells a cautionary tale (more…)


Event Horizon


Man has always feared the unknown. That fear of the unknown is a common theme in movies throughout the years from the early days of black and white movies to the present, with 3–D and the Omni-Max experience. For horror movies, it’s a simple matter of putting a face to this fear, to make the intangible tangible. Event Horizon falls into this category, and uses the fear of the unknown as the main theme. The twist is the face fear that is put on the unknown, is our own. (more…)

The Empire Strikes Back Poster

The Empire Strikes Back


The problem with making an inventive and successful first film is, it’s really hard for a sequel, even in a trilogy, to live up to. The man behind the series, George Lucas, had his work cut out for him. The rebel cast from A New Hope were brought back, the iconic music was brought back, and the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader was brought back to fight the rebel forces. Even the R2-D2 and C-3PO were brought back. The only thing fans had left to wonder about was can The Empire Strike Back be as good as A New Hope? (more…)


Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I’ve struggled to write a review for Captain America: The Winter Soldier since opening weekend. It’s not that it was a bad movie. Quite to the contrary it was fun, entertaining, and at times captivating. The problem was I had a hard time not writing “spoilers,” (more…)

Most anticipated films of 2014

Last year featured multiple documentaries that challenged the form. It might be the case for original films after looking over the films I’m most interested to see in 2014. Keep in mind, there will be a number of films that come out that just aren’t on anyone’s radar yet, but three months into the year, here’s what I’m most interested in seeing — in no particular order of course. (more…)


April Fool’s Day


April Fool’s Day is an 80’s horror movie in the same vain as Friday the 13th and My Bloody Valentine. Not just in the holiday horror movie mold, but in the look, feel, and creepy soundtrack. Also, April Fool’s Day seems to be the inspiration for Among Friends, with similar characters and a similar story, only April Fool’s Day is an 80’s movie and not a party theme. The thing that stands out the most about April Fool’s Day is you don’t see the kills, just how the killer positions the corpses and body parts.





Almost every time there’s a moment in Serenity where you feel the need to roll your eyes, it manages to pull you right back in. (more…)